Patient Reviews

You guys go out of your way all the time to help the patient.



I decided I wanted a new dentist, and I ended up going with Ravenna Family Dentistry.  Based on my first visit there, I would definitely recommend them.  The staff at Ravenna is so friendly and professional and my dentist did a good job on a bad cavity.  I really liked how they numbed my tooth.  No pain.  I also liked how they checked with the insurance company so I knew ahead of time what was covered and what I would be paying.



I recently started to use Ravenna Family Dentistry after switching from my old dental care provider, and it has been a fantastic decision.  On my last visit, I saw Dr. Dan Meeuwsen; he is 1 of the 2 dentists at the office.  He was knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and understanding in determining my personal dental needs.  He answered all of the questions I had and more.  I was initially worried that I wouldn’t get the same treatment here as I would at a larger, more corporate dental office, but I was sorely mistaken.  They provided me with the state-of-the-art care that I would expect from a larger operation combined with the family-oriented nature of the smaller office.  A friendly staff, comfortable facilities, and convenient location mean that they will be my dental office for as long as I’m around!



On my first visit to Ravenna Family Dentistry, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and had only a short wait for my appointment.  The staff and my dental hygienist truly seemed to care about me and about what they were doing. Each one explained procedures and taught me about the personal care I should be giving my teeth.


On my second visit, I had to get a bad filling replaced.  Truthfully, since childhood, I’ve been afraid of the numbing process and the potential pain of any procedure.  However, my dentist completely explained the procedure and had such a gentle touch that I had no pain whatsoever.


Since the entire staff has earned my trust, I definitely will be returning for all my future dental needs to Ravenna Family Dentistry.



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