Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies happen, but we are here to help. We typically see dental emergencies within one business day. As always, for a medical emergency or life threatening emergency, call 911.

What is a Dental Emergency?


The term “dental emergency” is used loosely to include anything that should be seen by a dentist before your next regularly scheduled dental exam. Dental emergencies can include fractured teeth, knocked out teeth, loosened teeth, broken fillings, cuts, lumps, mouth sores, strange tastes, infections, anything painful, and more. Because of the variety of dental emergencies, the degree of urgency varies. Call us right away for the best result. Some emergencies can be prevented by using a mouthguard. Regular dental visits keep your teeth and gums in good health and provide an opportunity catch small problems before they become emergencies.

major toothache emergency

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Call

Call us right away for an appointment and take a look at tips from any of these websites: 


American Dental Association (


WebMD (


Know Your Teeth (


Your Dentistry Guide (

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